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"Memories are made when gathered around the table"

Table - a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface for eating, writing, or working at.

As you will discover, a table is meant for more than eating, writing and working at. On the 25th of January 2022 at 11am we will finally release our short film 'The Table' commissioned by: Restorate.

In June 2021 Bonjorfilm was tasked with creating a promotional film for Restorate. It was to mark the re-brand of the hardware retailer. When we first conceptualised the film we immediately realised how exciting and large scale this project was going to be.

We live in a throw away society and our actions will have lasting effects on our planet.

The meaning behind this film is the importance of up-cycling and recycling so that these beautiful pieces of furniture will last for generations.

Restorate specialise in products that will help your meaningful pieces to do so.


We hoped to create a film that spoke without words. We looked at techniques to allow the viewer to travel through time in a smooth motion while telling a heartfelt story.

Sam, Holly, Megan and I shared these very idea's over food and around a table. We each contributed to the idea and once this initial plan had been formed, Holly created a silent storyline and order of scenes that seamlessly came together.

Pre- Production:

In the planning we found actors & lookalikes, we looked at colour palettes, set design, sourced props & understood each scene change so that the film would flow beautifully. We decided to shoot a draft version of the film to visualise what the film would look like and how long each scene would need to be.

However, our stunt double, Megan, has not given us permission to post this draft. In fairness, she did crawl around our kitchen table for one of the scenes.


Filming was shot in two main locations in Gloucestershire: a Workshop/Garage & Cottage. The film was filmed over four days with five crew members, eleven actors, and a fake Christmas tree.

There is an old saying that you should never work with animals or children. While we opted to do both at the same time. The filming moved smoothly and we were able to stick to our schedule and capture multiple shots of the same scenes.

Photo's by Will Faulkner

Post production:

As there were so many possible outcomes from the filming, the post-production phase meant that this project release was being pushed back 2022.

We had to remove wires, brand names, and colour the film. We selected an emotional fitting track to accompany the silent film, this all took many week's to complete but as Mary Currie said, "All good things come to those who wait.", we are so incredibly proud to have worked on this phenomenal project and we are so thrilled to finally be able to share it with you.

Creating this short film and bringing this story together has been a highlight of my career and I look forward to creating many more films that capture stories that will have a positive impact on others.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this project with us, it was a privilege to work with you all.

Written by Jordan Le Bon

Watch the film here & subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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