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How to optimise your social media post. [Guide 2021]

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

This little guide will help you know when, how and where to post across multiple platforms.

All the information here has been collated from multiple sources including the social platforms themselves & our own meandering experience.

Is this important?

Uh-huh, taking the time to carefully calculate the ideal description, format, location & moment to post will help the organic reach of your video ten fold. "Want to get noticed?" then follow this Bonjorfilm™️ guide.

Side note: We enjoy spending hours of our time creating gorgeous, exciting & informative content but when the content we produce doesn't get seen we can't help but think what's the point? So, keep reading and take your time to post, we know you're excited & so are we but let's not jump the gun.


  • Before we get on to posting, is the content you are about to upload relevant & of interest to your viewers & will it benefit them & encourage them to act or interact?

  • Quality over quantity always.

Before posting…

First thing we need to figure out is who will be watching this video/ post?

  • It’s honestly not that hard, all you need to do is ask your followers, run a poll or look at your analytics. - The word analytics is just another way of saying useful information about your followers.

Find out the best time to post.

  • Look online - each industry has different peak times, some people swear by 11AM on a Wednesday but personally we think that's complete balderdash... sometimes, you just get lucky!

Then do this:

  • Just before posting: Like & comment on other peoples pictures, video’s & pages. (Get the ball rolling…)

  • Consume & Interact! Generally if you care about what other people are up to they will care about what you are doing... - It's not a science, it's human nature.

Things to think about when posting.


  • Often overlooked but possibly the most important part of posting a video. think about it Like this: 'You are driving on the motorway past a billboard with your thumbnail on it, will it catch your eye?'

  • Haven't got one or need help deciding on which one to post with your video, send us a message!


  • People, Brands & Clients - have you tagged everyone who needs to be tagged?

  • If it's something we made tag us! @bonjorfilm we'll share the living daylight out of it!


  • Keep it simple, sometime's less is more but get this bit right! Users can search for these key words but also platforms use them to understand what your post is about!

  • Still stuck? cheat...

Format/ Ratio

  • Make sure it’s in the right video ratio... Ask yourself: "has anything been cropped?" - We make sure our video's fit correctly to each platform, if in doubt just ask us!


  • Add your location, this really help's people in the area find you or even people searching photo's of that location!

After posting.

Reply to comments

  • Straight away if possible. Just don't leave 'em hanging!

Consider boosting the post…

  • Yes, that’s right pay to get it seen by the right people… Each platform has it’s own super marketing targeting tools & sometimes you even get a free trail! (If you want some serious instant results do this…)


  • What? Yeah that’s right, post the same material elsewhere - Another social platform! Maybe wait a while and re-upload it like new content a year on? (they'll never know...)

  • Save, bookmark, like & share your own posts, believe in yourself & others will too!

Get the word out!

  • Spam the feed! that's right, scream about how great you are, you will attract the right audience trust me!

  • Don’t rely on social platforms to do all the legwork - send private messages to friends, acquaintances & family members. Ask for support!

  • Use words: Like, comment, share, Bookmark and save!


  • Dont compare yourself to others or worry about numbers & views - comparison is the killer of all joy. focus on finding people who are genuinely interested in your work & want to support your business!

  • Go follow us! @bonjorfilm "subscribe, like, comment & share, we'll be sure to return the favour!"

If you found this guide helpful let us know & share it with a friend or business you think could benefit from the info!

Jordan Le Bon - Editor, Bonjorfilm™️

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