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Editing Services

Video Editing

We edit videos in a wide variety of styles to suit the tastes and goals of each project. Services include Social media, TV and radio commercials, Music videos, Short films for web distribution and more!  


We do your photoshop editing in house to save you time, money and effort with our team of skilled graphic designers used to fast-paced work environments while still providing an artistic touch.

Photo Editing

Fresh, beautiful images enhanced by our in-house team. Our skilled editors add touches of clean elegance from start to finish with grace and precision. We make your photos work harder--our photo editing is an investment that will pay dividends through increased customer interest and sales.


We record voiceovers for our clients and have a selection of voices that we can offer to you along with the ability to record in house.


 Have your footage looking like it should. Our colourists have been colour grading videos for years, with a huge array of experience in grading all sorts of footage and formats.


Bonjorfilm can create a creative and original production that fits your wants, needs and budget. Text build video's, Rotoscoping, traditional animation, stop motion and more...

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